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Carpet Cleaning Clitheroe

Clitheroe Carpet Cleaners

Clitheroe Carpet Cleaners

Looking for Carpet Cleaners in Clitheroe? Soapranos provides a professional carpet cleaning service and upholstery cleaning to Clitheroe, Whalley, Ribble Valley and Lancashire areas.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Carpets

Your carpets have to put up with an amazing amount of wear and tear. Just stop and think what they must put up with on a daily basis:

  • People and pets walking and sitting on them. As they do, they are leaving a tiny trail of dirt, dust, hair, fur, skin, bodily fluids and oils on your carpets!
  • Airborne dust and dirt that lands on your carpet, trampled in by footfall. Over time this grit can wear away your carpet fibres and ruin the natural lustre of your carpet.
  • Liquid spillage such as water, juice, tea, coffee, blood and other bodily fluids! - This can-do lasting damage if left untreated. They can become very smelly providing a festival of filth for bacteria and insects.
  • Solid spillages such as food. If left untreated, food can leave stains, smells and become a haven for bacteria and insects over time.
  • The chemistry of your carpet can change over time, especially when you clean up spills using household cleaning agents, or when you get untrained 'carpet cleaners' in to 'deep clean' your carpets - this can lead to degradation of the carpet and an increase in skin allergies.

Getting your carpets cleaned by Soapranos - your Clitheroe Carpet Cleaners on a regular basis will help reverse the daily damage they suffer. It will help you keep your carpets hygienically clean. It will keep them looking good for longer and will protect your financial investment.

Get a free quote now from Soapranos - your Clitheroe Carpet Cleaners. We service Clitheroe, Ribble Valley and the wider Lancashire area.

Read on to find out how we can guarantee you the very best results based upon our:

  • Expert 7-step carpet cleaning process.
  • Top of the range carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Fully trained carpet cleaning technicians.
  • Full insurance.

Our 7 Step Expert Carpet Cleaning Process.

All of our carpet cleaning technicians follow a professional cleaning process:

  1. A full carpet survey. - Before we begin cleaning, your carpet cleaner we will need to perform a survey of your carpet. This will help us to determine the construction of your carpets and identify the type of carpet fibre. We assess the physical condition of your carpets including their fitting, soilage and staining. The information from this survey will inform us as to the best cleaning process and chemicals to use.
  2. Thorough Vacuum. We begin the cleaning process by meticulously vacuuming your carpets. This will ensure we remove as much dry soil from within your carpet as possible. If we did not do this, the dry soil (dirt) would turn to 'mud' when we wet the carpet! Not a good start to the cleaning process! It is good to know that we use a commercial grade upright vacuum cleaner for this part of the carpet cleaning to guarantee the best results.
  3. Pre-Spraying & Agitation. - If your carpets can be wet cleaned, we will pre-spray them with an appropriate pre-spray detergent paying particular attention to high traffic areas and stains. We will then use a special machine to gently massage the pre-spray deep into the carpet fibres. This will also help to restore the carpet pile. Our pre spray chemical is one of the best on the market. Known as a Micro Splitter, it works by breaking the chemical bond in the soil (the dirt) so that it can be extracted by the rinsing process. The advantages of using Micro Splitters over traditional detergents are many. Micro Splitters work on contact, so they are quicker. Micro Splitters do not contain detergents, enzymes or solvents, so there is no 'sticky' residue that can encourage re-soiling and lead to allergies for those who come into contact with the carpet.
  4. Powerful rinse and extraction. The next stage in our carpet cleaning process is to rinse through and deep clean the carpet. This involves powerfully injecting a rinse agent deep into the pile of your carpet. We then extract the solution (water, dirt and debris) straight out. Think of it like a mini pressure wash for your carpets followed by our powerful vacuum extraction that literary sucks out all the dirt and moisture from within the carpet pile, This leaves your carpets hygienically clean, fresh and touch dry. The rinse agent will also reset the PH of your carpet leaving it in a safe condition.
  5. Carpet Stain Removal. Next up in our carpet cleaning process is carpet stain removal. Any stains that have not come out we will treat directly. Most stains will come out. But it is important to remember that stain removal cannot be guaranteed. Successful stain removal depends upon many factors, such as how long the stain has been there, what it is, and how it has been treated in the past. Given this, we cannot guarantee the removal of all stains. Your carpet cleaning technician will discuss stain removal with you at the survey stage.
  6. Carpet Drying. Your carpets will need to be dried fast. This prevents mould and smells. It also allows you to get back into the room to get on with your life, AND to enjoy your clean fresh carpets. We use state-of-the-art air movers that move air in a 360-degree rotation rather than traditional one directional fan. This allows for faster drying times.
  7. Carpet Pile Reset. Finally, after we have cleaned your carpets, we will 'reset the pile'. This removes any 'tool' marks from the pile and the cleaning process. It will help your carpet pile to stand up, leaving your carpets with an attractive finish.

We only use the best carpet cleaning machines, equipment and chemicals.

No Rug Doctors here! We stand by our results and our professional reputation which is your guarantee!

To be able to offer you this guarantee we need to have absolute confidence in our equipment. You can be sure we only use the best professional grade carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals that are available within the industry.

Fully trained carpet cleaning technicians.

Our carpet cleaning technicians have been through professional industry recognised training courses. This is especially important, as there is so much that can go wrong with carpet cleaning if you do not know what you are doing. They need to understand carpet construction, chemistry, cleaning and stain removal techniques.

We will always send at least one qualified technician on site to lead on and supervise the clean.

Full insurance

Like all reputable businesses we carry full insurance for your protection.

What You Can Expect When You Use Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

All at Soapranos take great pride in the work we do, the professional standards we display and the customer service we provide. We really do value your custom and want you to use us again and recommend us to others. Afterall this is how we grow and stay in business!

When you use our carpet and upholstery cleaning services you can expect the following service level guarantee:

  1. Expert staff. We will only send fully trained and experienced cleaning staff to clean your carpets.
  2. Respectful and polite staff. Our carpet cleaners will always treat you and your property with respect. Our Cleaners wear uniforms and will always act professionally.
  3. On schedule. We will show up on the agreed upon day and time to clean your carpets.
  4. Fully insured. We have insurance to safeguard you and your property.
  5. A price guarantee. The price we agree with you to clean your carpets is the price you pay. We will never pressure you to have any other work done, nor will we increase the price once we start.
  6. Great customer service. We want to provide you with the absolute best customer service. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, please let us know, and we will do our best to put things right.
  7. Reminder Service. With your permission we will provide you with an automatic carpet cleaning reminder service that will include a 10% discount on your next clean.

Rug Cleaning

We also offer a rug cleaning service. Please ask us for a free quote.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture has to deal with a lot of day to day dirt and grease. Dirt can soon become ingrained, and as a result your upholstery can lose its original lustre. Our professional upholstery cleaning service will leave your furniture clean and fresh.

We use the latest equipment, chemicals and techniques for our upholstery cleaning services in Clitheroe.

Upholstery Stain Removal 

If you have tried everything but still cannot remove stubborn stains from your sofa or armchair we are here to help! We provide stain removal solutions tailored specifically to each individual fabric type.

you have tried everything including steam cleaning and scrubbing which only made matters worse then it is time to call us. 

If your favourite chair needs some TLC, don’t worry about replacing it just yet as we can give it new life by restoring to its original colour and texture.

We do more than simply clean your couch or chairs; we can make sure that every nook and cranny is spotless.

Clitheroe Carpet Cleaners

We serve the Clitheroe and surrounding area. Get in touch for a free quote.

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