Extreme Cleaning Services
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Extreme Cleaning Services

  • Extreme cleaners undertaking extreme cleaning

    Extreme Cleaners

    Extreme cleaners undertaking extreme cleaning

Our professional Extreme Cleaning and Biohazard decontamination teams are available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week to clean up incidents that could lead to disease and pose a threat to public health due to gross filth and biohazard.

Using specialist expertise, extreme cleaning processes, tools and products, our technicians will decontaminate and disinfect all kinds of environments including vehicles, buildings, health facilities, trauma scenes and other environments throughout England.

Our Extreme Cleaning teams are always here to deal with a wide range of extreme cleaning including:

Biohazard Deep Cleans

Our teams can respond quickly and professionally ready to sanitise a biohazard contaminated site. We provide COVID-19 sanitation services including fogging and deep cleans. We can also be deployed as a preventative action using our Contact Point Cleaning program that involves the use of broad spectrum anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaners.

Ambulance Cleaning and Decontamination

Ambulances are at the front line of Biohazard and trauma scenes. Our trained cleaners can quickly and professionally turn around the cleaning and decontamination of ambulances and other medical vehicles so that they can be safely returned to service in the shortest possible time.

Police Custody and Prisons Cells

We are available to safely clean and decontaminate custody cells following trauma, Biohazard and 'dirty protest' incidents. Our Extreme Cleaners are DBS checked and are use to working in sensitive environments.

Crime, Accident and Trauma Scene Extreme Cleaning

Dealing with the aftermath of a crime, serious accident or trauma such as self harm or suicide is heartbreaking, emotional and very stressful. If the victim is a loved one then the last thing you want to do is clean up the scene. We are ready to help. Our Extreme Cleaners will provide a professional, courteous service delivered in a discrete and sensitive manner. We will return the scene back to normal sanitising and removing non recoverable material. We will also recover and sanitise any personal items that have been left at the scene.

Bodily Fluids, Decomposition and Biohazard

We can safely sanitise, clean areas and items that have been soiled by bodily fluids. In most cases we can return the area back to normal removing all traces and smells of the contaminate. We can safely remove and dispose of decomposed matter such as dead animals or rotten food.

Cleaning of Healthcare facilities

We are able to clean and sanitise health care facilities using trained DBS checked cleaners. We use cleaning agents that have virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal properties. They are effective against MRSA, HIV,Hepatitis B, Legionella and fungus.

Our team of Extreme Cleaners are here to deal with the unpleasant aftermath of a traumatic event, so that you don’t have to. Call us on 01200 422334 to discuss your needs or get a free no obligation quote.