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Gutter Cleaning Burscough

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Yes, its true Soapranos are now here in the beautiful West Lancashire town of Burscough !!

At this moment we are only offering our Gutter Cleaning Service so if you dwell in, or near Burscough and you need your gutters cleaning why not give us a call or book our gutter cleaning service directly.

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You should inspect and clean your gutters regularly. If you do not clean your gutters then leaves, moss, sticks and soil can obstruct them up. Yes, you read that right we said soil!

Every raindrop is formed by water condensing on a fleck of sand/dust. Rainwater also washes down the dust that is in the air and on your roofing system directly into your gutters. It is the same affect why you need to get your windows or car washed- dust that is in the air is brought down to settle on your property each and every time it rains! Over time, the dust builds up and can result in blocked gutters.


When your gutters end up being clogged the water flow and drainage reduces or is stopped completely. This causes more problems as the grime and other waste now has nowhere to go! It just sits there and builds up. Then it rains and the water has nowhere to go, so it overflows from your gutters dripping all down your walls!

Walls exposed to water over a long time can become soaked and discoloured. Then, during winter, the water on your walls will freeze. When water freezes it expands and can lead to real damage to your property often this will lead in crumbling walls and mortar! You are now facing at expensive repairs!


Due to the build-up of soil and other debris in your gutters they can become very heavy, especially when wet. Eventually, your gutters will start to sag. This can result in broken joint seals, leaks and even the gutter falling off! You are now looking at expensive repairs!

To avert this damage and the resulting expensive repair work it is advised that you get your gutters cleared out twice a year or at least annually.


Physically strong with a good head for heights? Then gutter cleaning is something you could do yourself if you are confident.

However, beware! If you have an accident it could be disastrous to life and property!

Please note the following is for information only. If you choose to clean your own gutters, following advice here, you do so entirely at your own risk!

We do not recommend that you clean your own gutters. We recommend you use a specialist gutter cleaning service like the one we offer in the Burscough area. -- See below for advice on how to choose a professional gutter cleaning service.


To do your own gutter cleaning you will need the following tools:

  1. A ladder or some other safe and secure way to access your gutters.
  2. Gloves-- gardening gloves would be perfect.
  3. A large strong bucket and something to attach it to the ladders as you work.
  4. Always make sure your ladder is properly erected, secure, and footed by someone on the floor. Make sure no one is underneath your ladder as you work. Please read and understand the following Health & Safety advice before you use a ladder - Safe use of ladders and stepladders: A brief guide ( .
  5. While you can use a trowel to scoop out the leaves, soil, and other debris from your gutters we recommend using your hand. Sometimes it can be hard to fit tools in under the overhang of your roof tiles also, there is the danger that you may drop your tools causing damage below!
  6. Pick up out the debris by hand into your safely attached bucket.-- Do not let this bucket get too full or heavy!
  7. Once you have cleared your gutters it is a good idea to use a hose pipe to test the water flow and check for leaks.

Well done! You have now cleaned out your gutters and you are well on your way to becoming a professional gutter cleaner! If you reside in the Burscough area why not contact us as we might have a job for you!


Do you feel confident enough to clean your gutters yourself? If not, that is OK. You should get in contact with a professional gutter cleaning service available in the Burscough area. But how do you find a professional service, and not some questionable cowboy who may not do a thorough job or damage your property?


  • Are they a proper business ? Do they have a registered office and real address? Is this on their literature or web site? You will need this to complain if things go wrong or if they do an unsatisfactory job.
  • Do they have insurance? Tradesperson public liability insurance is a must. This should cover them for damage to you, others, or your property.
  • Are the insured to work at height? A lot of insurance policies have restrictions on this so best to check.
  • Do they have a land line business phone? It is important that any company you choose has a real phone number. Is this number quoted on business stationary or on their website or blog? Having a real number shows that they are contactable and not operating from a 'burner phone'.
  • Are they VAT registered? Yes, this will make their service 20% more expensive however, the V in VAT stands for value which will be in the prior experience they have gained over the many years.-- You want somebody who knows what they are doing. Also, being VAT registered indicates that you are dealing with a real company.
  • Have you looked at their online reputation? Read online customer reviews about the company and their service. Obviously, you are looking for good reviews but how do they handle unfavourable reviews? Complaints should be dealt with courteously, and they should want to deal with any issues or problem that the customer has encountered from using their service.
  • Can you be invoiced for the work done? Cash in hand jobs give you little or no protection. An invoice is a legal document that shows what service was supposed to be done and for what cost.
  • Who made contact first? You should always make first contact. Stay away from sales calls and be very wary of people who knock on your door offering their repairs!

While all the above are common sense checks to make, it can take a lot of time. That is why we can verify that we meet all the above requirements and will be more than happy to provide evidence with you should you want us to.


We pride ourselves on offering a professional gutter cleaning service to our customers in the Burscough location. When you decide on us we guarantee the following customer service standards:

  1. Professional staff. We will only send fully trained and experienced gutter cleaning staff to clean your gutters.
  2. Respectful and polite staff. Our gutter cleaners will always treat you and your property with respect.
  3. On schedule. We will show up on the agreed upon day and time to clean your gutters.
  4. Fully insured. We have insurance to protect you, your property and your neighbours.
  5. Visual assessment. We will inspect your gutters and provide you with a written report on their condition and any other issues we may spot with your gutters or roofline as a standard part of our service. Please note, we do not seek any remedial roof work but will provide you with pictures of any issues we spot for your own reference.
  6. A good job well done. We will provide you, by email, with before and after pictures so that you can see that the gutter cleaning job has been done correctly.
  7. A price guarantee. The price we agree with you to clear out your gutters is the price you pay. We will never pressure you to have any other work done, nor will we increase the price once we start. If it means we will lose money by doing your gutter cleaning job we will always honour the quote we have given you, even!
  8. We provide a minor gutter repair service. All repair work will be agreed with you in advance. We will never pressure you to have any extra work.
  9. Reminder Service. With your permission we will provide you with an automatic gutter cleaning reminder service that will include a 10% discount on your next clean.
  10. We will clean up . Gutter clearing can be a messy business. We will clean up after ourselves including any facias, windows and pavements that become dirty due to our cleaning of your gutters.

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